Laser Hair Removal

In which case should this treatment be used?

  • Undesirable hair
  • Hirsutism
Designed to be used on all types of skin, Lutronic Clarity ™ enables hair removal on all parts of the body.

The combination of Alexandrite and Nd-Yag make it possible to use this hair removal technique on type I to VI skins.


The laser energy is applied to the hair follicle and the heat generated causes its destruction in a fraction of a second, which leads to slower growth and, in the majority of cases, a permanent destruction of the follicle.


The number of sessions is determined by the thickness and density of the hair, as well as the area from which the hair is to be removed.


1 to 2h

Number of sessions

5 to 8

Indicative price

From CHF 80.00 to CHF 800.00 per session