“Silhouette Soft” Threads

In which case should this treatment be used?

  • Sagging skin
  • Signs of ageing
  • Oval of the face slack
Silhouette Soft® threads combat the effects of ageing.

This technique reduces the distension of the skin and makes it possible to restore a smooth and more toned skin. The curve of the face is immediately redrawn.


The treatment restores, without surgery, the relaxed and / or sagging areas of the oval of the face, mandible, cheeks, cheekbones or neck with Silhouette Soft® threads inserted under the skin. These Silhouette Soft® threads have bi-directional cones which “cling” under the skin without sutures, scars and guarantee natural results. Owing to their composition and during their progressive deterioration, they will stimulate the production of collagen and the tightening effect will be reinforced in a sustainable manner.


The price of the treatment will be determined according to the area to be treated after a quote established with the doctor.



Number of sessions


Indicative price

From CHF 500.00 to CHF 3000.00 per session